In our capacity as lawyers, we have been engaged by numerous foreign and Romanian, legal and natural persons, to assist or represent them, or to supply consultancy for them. Though our profession has to be confidential, I am allowed to inform you that among my clients have been sizeable companies (LG ELECTRONICS ROMANIA, ART GROUP INT) as well as many middle-sized ones (ASSYSTEM ROMANIA, ELMET CONSTRUCT, ROHE ROMANIA, SHAMROCK DISTRIBUTION, AUDICONSULT, RUPECO, EGMS Elecromontaj & Service, TRANE ROMANIA, GOODLIFE DEVELOPMENT SRL, HOBAS PIPE SYSTEMS and many others).

We have also been engaged by foreign-based companies to represent their interests.
Though most of our clients are small and middle-sized companies, but we are also prepared after many years of experience to comply with the requirements of a branch of a large international company.